Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shattered Glass - Wrath of Kings AAR

We're back this week with another Wrath of Kings AAR. 

Kevyn and I are still trying out new lists and Motivations. I brought some new characters while Kevyn dropped the Ravenscar mercs onto the table.

My List (Shael Han, 10 Morale, Disrupt Supply Line
Madam Mui
Dragon Legion Keeper (Commander)
Iron Lotus Warrior x10
Dragon Legionnaire x8
The Deathbloom
Hong Yao

Kevyn's List (Goritsi, 9 Morale, Assassination)
Korrad Ungarash
Ravenscar Mercenary (Commander)
Skorza Skirmisher x6
Ravenscar Mercenary x6
Shield Breaker
Scourge Hound
Ravenor Alpha

First turn was the usual slog forward. I had Hong Yao and the Deathbloom out on the flanks.

With Kevyn winning the initiative on the second turn, I managed to get the Deathbloom and Hong Yao into trouble. Luckily, Deathbloom's high Wound value and Hong Yao's resilience kept them alive (and would continue to do so through the fight).

Meanwhile, the masses of infantry converged in the center as I aimed to push through to the Supply Line tokens.

This is where things started to go downhill for the Goritsi force. The Ravenor Alpha was killed by a combined attack from Hong Yao and the three Iron Lotus Warriors that had broke off from the main group. The rest of the Iron Lotus Warriors had crashed into the Skorza line, killing off all but one of the werewolves. The Deathbloom used her Stalker ability to shift away from the Shieldbreaker and into the squishier Ravenscars. The mercenaries tried to counter attack, but failed.

While Kevyn was now at a low enough Morale level to win initiative, his force was fractured enough that there wasn't much he could do. The Shieldbreaker's Howl from Beyond ability killed off a few Iron Lotus Warriors, but the big wolf was quickly surrounded by Dragon Legionnaires.

The most damaging part of the turn was the loss of 4 Morale from two Supply Line tokens, thanks to the Deathbloom's Stalker ability and a nearby Iron Lotus Warrior.

The game then ended the next turn when the Deathbloom swept over to the Ravenscar Sergeant and tore him into shreds.

During our after-game discussion, Kevyn and I came up with two potential problems as to why House Goritsi hasn't treating him so well. The first is that he's been playing defensively with a glass-cannon faction, which I've managed to take advantage of in turns 2 and 3, smashing into his lines and wiping out large chunks of his force. The second is the perennial problem of dice. For the past few games, mine have been on fire - keeping Hong Yao alive, passing Will Checks, and hitting the top of the defensive chart time after time. Kevyn, on the other hand, could roll a dozen or more dice to try and hit one model (in this game, it was Hong Yao), and only come up with a single point of damage. Which I then saved against and prevented.

Kevyn's has taken the proper gamer's path of tossing those dice in the trash and getting a new, shiny set that will hopefully learn from their predecessor's fate.


  1. I also suffer from that below average dice rolling disease.....

    From what I've seen from AAR's and comments from players online, the Goritsi seem to have the largest learning curve in the game.

    The Gotha Skorza look like they will be better at defense when they are released.


    1. Seems like everyone's anticipating the Book 2 releases.