Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Escalation - Wrath of Kings AAR

As Kevyn and I make progress with getting paint applied to figures, we decided to meet up for another Skirmish game of Wrath of Kings. We've both made some purchases for our respective factions, and this was the first chance for us to bring out the big 80mm based miniatures - the Goritsi Blood Engine and the Shael Han Fulung Devourer.

My List (Shael Han, 9 Morale, No Confidence)
Big Sister (Commander)
Dragon Legion Keeper x2
Wrath x4
Dragon Legionnaire x10
Hammer of Heaven
Shield of Taelfon
Fulung Devourer

Kevyn's List (Goritsi, 9 Morale, Steal Intel)
Hestra Nostrollo (Commander)
Skorza Alpha
Zeti War Dancer x10
Skorza Skirmisher x7
Blood Engine

Careful examination might lead some readers to doubt the list I've written. As it turns out, Kevyn forgot to place two Skorza Skirmishers during deployment! Keep that in mind as the battle progresses.

Kevyn and I spent the first turn moving forward - the Goritsi werewolves and vampires moving at breakneck speed, while the Shael Han forces worked their way in a more cautious manner. My Shael Han stayed in base contact with each other, taking advantage of the defensive buff from the Dragon Legion Keepers.

The Goritsi drew first blood, with the War Dancers leaping over the Shael Han lines, blades flashing and blood spraying. The Dragon Legionnaires and Wraths strike back, slaying a large chunk of the War Dancers. A lucky blow from one of the Wraths killed the Skorza Alpha. Somewhat worryingly to Kevyn, the Fulung Devourer's ranged magic attack managed to put a couple wounds on the Blood Engine.

The above picture might look like the turn went Shael Han's way, but that's not the whole story. More piece trading went on, with Shael Han managing to hold the advantage. One of the biggest reliefs was the Blood Engine going done from a combined assault from the Hammer of Heaven and some Dragon Legionnaires. Another Skorza Skirmisher went down to the Devourer's magic breath attack.

Midway through the turn, however, two of Kevyn's models scored hits on the Big Sister and one of the Dragon Legion Keepers. The Big Sister was killed, but more importantly, Kevyn generated two Intel tokens. Had the models carrying these tokens survived until the end of the turn, I would have lost 4 Moral point - half of my total Moral at the time.

As this happened in the middle of the turn, however, I was able to target and kill these models with my later activations, cancelling the threat of the Intel tokens. Live and learn!

The game ended when another Zeti War Dancer and Hestra Nostrollo went down, netting Shael Han another wind. Of course, Kevyn was missing a couple Rank 2 infantry from his force, which might have helped in the scrum! Expect to see some more Wrath of Kings on the blog, especially as Kevyn and I continue to expand our forces.