Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tripped Up - Horizon Wars AAR

Kevyn got his own Horizon War miniatures painted, so we decided to get a game in and try out the full rules. 

We decided to try out the Rescue mission at 15 P. I was the attacker and Kevyn the defender. I had to get my units off my side of the table, while Kevyn had to destroy them. Unfortunately, each unit had to take 4 points of damage, first applied to their Movement value, so they started the game limping along at 1" per move. 

We deployed our initial forces, with Kevyn placing his full advance force out. I had two units in hidden deployment. You'll notice the two sets of activation markers denoting where the hidden units are. This was actually a mistake - the tokens should be split up, allowing for a little more ambiguity in the unit's position. 

This misunderstanding meant that both of my units ended up revealed in the second turn, after repositioning their tokens to the other side of the table. Kevyn's P1 mech damaged my P2 mech in close combat, and both then went down due to shooting from both sides.

I brought on another P2 mech from reserve, and Kevyn's forces moved towards the other retreating mech.

With Kevyn leading 1-0, I had to get the other mech of the table. I brought on a Hvy Cav unit and my Lt Cav CHQ. I was able to use the CHQ's Chain of Command ability to move the objective Mech further along towards my table edge. The mech managed to dodge four reactions from Kevyn's forces! It then scooted back a little further

Now things were starting to get desperate. Kevyn had a concentration of forces all around the objective mech, while I was scrambling to get anything over to the fight. Another Lt Cav and a Mob Inf unit arrived from reserve and sped forwards. Meanwhile, my P2 mech was trying to take out the opposing P3 mech, and doing a poor job of it.

Unfortunately, Kevyn's Mob Inf charged in and, after slapping a half-dozen explosive charges on the mech's legs, watched as the explosions toppled the warmachine! Victory went to Kevyn, 2-0.

It was only after the game that I had realized my mistakes. The screw-up with the hidden deployment tokens hadn't helped, and I never thought to try and use the Repair action to try and heal the damage caused at the beginning of the game. I also revealed my units too soon, before I could get a decent build up of units on my side of the table. Kevyn followed the suggested tactics perfectly, forcing my to reveal my units too early, and then harrying them to destruction.


  1. Glad my suggested tactics helped at least one of you! 😁

    1. I've now made it a point to read those sections before each game. It's very helpful!