Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Painting Update - SAGA, Old West, Guild Ball

Today's update sees the completion of a project that started three years ago!

With these Warriors for the Normans (borrowed from Gripping Beasts' Breton range), I've finally finish all of my miniatures for Saga. That's a combined 26 points across the original four factions - Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Welsh, and Normans. And thanks to the somewhat fluid alliances and group movements, most of these models can potentially act as other factions in the game.

This group of gunslingers will be used for Fistful of Lead and other games set in the Wild West. They're a mixture of Knuckleduster Miniatures' Heroes and Bad Men sets from their 28mm Old West line of gunfighters. I may have to grab another set, as there's a distinct lack of rifles and shotguns amongst all those pistols.

I also completed the special "Show" version of Flint for my Masons in Guild Ball, given to me by another local player (thanks Jerry!), who won the mini after placing second at a recent event. Jerry fields the Alchemists and Hunters, however, so he was kind enough to pass the miniature along to me.

Unfortunately, the newer version of Flint highlights a current problem with the Mason miniatures. Back when Guild Ball was first released, the Masons were actually sculpted by a different person compared to now, and were done in 28mm, compared to the larger 32mm used currently. This is pretty obvious as the newer Flint is a giant compared to his older sculpt. Even Chisel, who is by no means a tall person in the game's universe, is larger than the older version of Flint.

What this means, apparently, is that the original Masons - Honor, Harmony, Mallet, Flint, Brick, Marbles and Tower - will be getting resculpts that bring them into scale with the rest of the Guild Ball line. I just hope Steamforged doesn't take too long!

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