Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dead Man Walking - Arena Rex AAR

With freshly painted models, I asked Kevyn if we could get another game of Arena Rex in. We decided to try the Vinculi scenario, where each side has a randomly assigned model that their opponents need to kill. Additionally, this condemned gladiator is chained to another model in the cohort, meaning they cannot move further than 4" away.

Our two cohorts consisted of

Ludus Magnus
Otho Mentulus
Urbicus (condemned)
Iason (chained to Urbicus)

Mago (chained to Noxius)
Noxius (condemned)

Both sides spent their first turns cautiously moving in.

Unfortunately, I got a little too close with Otho, and Zahra drew him in with her 3" reach. I tried fighting back, but poor dice rolls meant Otho's attacks were ineffective. Aquila came in and finished the hulking Roman off.

I leapfrogged Urbicus and Iason up, the two chained gladiators moving in and putting down Aquila.

Hermes joined the fight, along with Mago and Noxius. With both condemned gladiators in the middle of the brawl, the game could have ended at any moment.

Micon and Ur-Kuk elected to stand back and watch the chaos unfold. A savage attack from Mago brought Urbicus down to only 4 Vitality left. Iason responded in kind, savagely spearing Noxius.

Unfortunately, Kevyn's earlier attempts to end the game left his cohort exhausted, and he went into the clear turn. That gave Urbicus the chance to launch into a power attack with the last two Favor dice I had. Kevyn had a glut of Favor dice, unfortunately not having had the chance to use them. His attempt to counter-attack failed, and Urbicus' gladius cut down the opposing warrior, ending the game.

Glory to Rome!

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