Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cowtown Chaos - Fistful of Lead AAR

Carl wanted to get some more Fistful of Lead games in, which also meant I could bring out my newly painted miniature. Russ decided to get in on the action as well, making the game something of a standoff between the three gangs. 

Carl's Cowtown plastic terrain mixed in pretty well with the store's terrain, and covered up a 4x4 table pretty well. We also agreed that our posses were only carrying pistols, so we wouldn't have to worry about rifles reaching across the table.

My gang started out behind a couple of barns.

Russ' gang began behind the cover of a low wall.

And Carl's gang arrived just outside the town's wooden gate.

Half of my gang started towards Carl's starting position. Unfortunately, it meant that my gunslingers had to advance across an open street, while Carl's banditos could safely fire from behind cover.

Meanwhile, the other half of my gang started a fight with Russ' just outside the town saloon.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Carl's and Russ' gangs began having a shootout near the town's entrance.

I did manage to gun down one of Carl's cowboys...

While also fighting off Russ' advance.

Russ was forced to move cautiously forward, outgunned by Carl's gang members.

Fortunately, Russ's attack on my right was blunted - he was down three men, though I had taken some pretty nasty wounds in return.

My mad dash across the street costed me one of my men, while another found a dud in his revolver and was forced to reload.

Russ did manage to force Carl's gang back out through the town's entrance.

A risky charge from my moonshine-wielding delinquent ended poorly, with the man's blood mixing with the potent drink on the dusty ground. Not liking his odds, Russ' lone gunman retreated after being pinned from a hail of fire.

My attack across the street ended in failure, however, when Carl's Red Lady gunned down another of my gang, while the wounded fellow above bled out and died.

Carl's men rallied near the gatehouse, launching another attack on Russ' two remaining gunslingers.

Agreeing to a temporary truce, I tried rushing to Russ' aid. Unfortunately, Carl steamrollered over Russ' last two gang members. We decided that my last two models ran for it, instead of taking a chance of fighting Carl's bloodthirsty band.

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