Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Painting Update - Arena Rex, Blood Bowl, Guild Ball, SAGA

This week's update is definitely sports based, from grassy pitches to the blood-stained sands of gladiatorial arenas. 

I finally received the Ludus Magnus starter set for Arena Rex that I had ordered back in March. I quickly painted that up and, after a few games, decided I definitely needed more, as simple 3v3 games weren't going to cut it.

All of the above models are from the Ludus Magnus faction, the state-sponsored gladiatorial school in Arena Rex's alternate history, where the Roman Republic exists alongside the Roman Empire in 420 AD. I plan on completing the faction after playing a few more games, especially since one of the options is the impressive Titan/Beast/Mount, Nero, a massive bull that can be ridden by Septimus, another Ludus Magnus gladiator.

To the left is an old 2nd edition Ogre I added to the Loch Rysk Warhawks, for a little extra punch against bashy teams.

On the right are Greed and Avarisse, two Union team members that the Masons can take in Guild Ball. I was originally not a fan of the fluff or the sculpts of the models, but after having seen their usefulness at the recent Cleaver tournament, I decided to add them to the team. They have also grown on me as I painted them.

Finally, I also finished a mounted Hearthguard unit for my Normans in Saga.

I've got another mounted Warrior unit to work on, and that'll mark the end of the Saga project, which will leave me with at least 6 points for each of the original factions - Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Welsh, and Normans.

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