Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Disable Sensor Net - Heroes of the Aturi Cluster AAR

Raider Squadron returns with some new additions. 

Rebel Command: "Raiders, the TIE Defender pilot you brought back has given us some critical intel.

An asteroid field in the Argus system conceal an Imperial refueling station. If we can capture this base, we could gain a well-defended starting area, deep in Imperial space."

However, the base is protected by an early-warning sensor net, which would give the Empire ample time to prepare against any attack we launch. Disable it before we can strike!"

Raider Squadron
Raider Two: X-Wing
Name: Brian
Callsign: Starfish

Raider Three: Y-Wing
Name: Bob
Callsign: Screwball

Raider Five: Y-Wing
Name: Gary
Callsign: Blip

Raider Six: Y-Wing
Name: Cameron
Callsign: L-Jenkins

Raider Two: "Alright, Raiders. Let's try and keep of the Imp's sensor net - we don't want the entire system's worth of TIEs coming down on our heads."

Raider Three: "You jinxed us, Two! We've got Squints inbound."

Raider Five: "Two sensors down!"

Raider Two: "And there goes an Eyeball."

Raider Six: "Damn! We've got another Squint that wants to tangle."

Raider Three: "Scratch another Eyeball."

Raider Six: "Fourth Squint in range. If this keeps going, we're going to be drowning in Imp fighters!"

Raider Six: "Ok, that's another sensor gone... Keep an eye on that new Squint."

Raider Three: "Boom! Glad I brought that bomb."

Raider Five: "Careful Two, you've got a Dupe on your tail!"

Raider Three: "Second bomb away! Take that you imperi-"

Raider Five: "Three's down! But I've got a transponder signal - he's alive!"

Raider Six: "One more sensor destroyed! Let's get those last two!"

Raider Two: "Glad these morons put this net in an asteroid field. They can't seem to avoid them!"

Raider Five: "Ha! I got another sensor. Onto the last one."

Raider Six: "What are you doing, Two?"

Raider Two: "Gonna see if I can't get that Dupe before Five gets the sensor."

Raider Five: "You're on, Two!"

Raider Two: "Damn! Dupe got past me."

Raider Five: "Lucky me - I've got a stationary target. And it's gone!"

Raider Six: "The Imp's are running for it!"

Rebel Command: "Raiders, the sensor network is broken! We'll send a shuttle to retrieve Raider Three. All other ships, regroup with the main strike force and prepare to launch the assault. The refueling station will be ours!"

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