Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Barroom Brawl - Fistful of Lead AAR

Having played a few games of Fistful of Lead, Kevyn and I decided to start a campaign. We gathered and outfitted our gangs, and I suggested we try using the Barroom Brawl scenario to start - it's a nonlethal, close-quarter battle that make for a convincing reason why two gangs are going to have it out in and around a small, dusty Western town.

The two gangs started on opposite sides of the room, the other patrons having quickly vacated, apparently taking all the furniture with them!

As the scenario only allows for non-lethal damage, instead of models taking Wounds and being Killed, they're Bruised and Knock Out. After a round of throwing down cards, two of Kevyn's gang members had gone done, with little ol' Grandma knocking out one of mine.

Another round of flying fists saw all the gang members but Kevyn's Boss go down. I lost my own Boss in return, while one the gang's members tried crawling for the exit.

Finally, the old lady went down, and my gang stood supreme. After a few well placed kicks and insults, they decided to hightail it out of there before any guns were drawn in retaliation.

Of course, Kevyn's gang weren't going to take this sitting down, so I expect to seem them back again sometime in the near future.

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