Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Painting Update - Guild Ball

This week's update covers the last few additions to my Guild Ball teams. 

Hammer is the Season 2 Captain for the Masons, and is at odds with Honor with his playstyle. While Honor could take a turn for herself to do some major damage, she can also pass out extra activations, movement, and Influence. Hammer, however, is a selfish player, constantly pulling Influence from his teammates to fuel his own abilities. The end result is a one man wrecking ball. I need more practice with him, as my tactics so far have left Hammer dangling like an unwound yo-yo in front of the entire opposing team.

I picked up Hemlocke back before the Great Blind Nerf of 2016, back when Blind was considered a crippling, incurable status effect that could be thrown out as a 3" AoE. Her usefulness has dwindled somewhat since Blind was changed, but she can still heal and cure conditions with her Smelling Salts play, and can be a semi-capable scorer when the opportunity presents itself.

I've only played with the new version of Rage (the Union's combination Veteran Captain) once, and it seems like the Influence efficient killer has taken some management courses. While he can still hand out a beating when necessary - especially against Union players on the opposing team - his Red Fury can allow other Union players to keep attacking, potentially up to four more times! Combine that with his Legendary Play, and Captain Rage can delegate out some really nasty damage.

Hopefully I'll have a report after this weekend, as I'll be attending a local Guild Ball tournament with my Masons. I just need to decide who I want leading the team: Honor or Hammer. After playing a few games with Hammer, I feel as though I may decide to roll back to Honor. Hammer just needs too much Influence to be effective, leaving the rest of the team little to work with. Players who can shut down Hammer shut down the team. Honor, however, can pick and choose whether or not she wants to make herself into a wrecking ball, or turn her fellow players into potential threats.

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