Friday, May 20, 2016

Painting Update - Blood Bowl

Take my last couple weeks of silence as a lesson against putting all of your post-eggs in one month-basket when it comes to blogging. April saw this blog inundated with posts - more than any other month previously - which quickly dried up as May came about. Scheduling conflicts and other obligations has seriously hampered my hobby time.

That said, I've finally gotten around to putting another project to bed, with the finishing touches finally applied to the Loch Rysk Warhawks, the perennial rivals of the Baltimork Reavers. 

Like the orcs, I created this team so that it would have enough players to be able to fill out all the positional players, with lots of linemen as reserves.

 I haven't had to chance to play with the human team yet, but I'm glad to have them painted to accompany the orc team, for use just in case anyone wants to play a quick game of Blood Bowl.