Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Shootout in Stomptown - Fistful of Lead AAR

Last week, I reviewed Fistful of Lead: Reloaded. This week, I got the chance to play a game between two gangs. 

Kevyn took the Bad Guys from Knuckleduster Miniatures, and came up with the "Empty Jugs" gang.
  • Jughead (Boss, Pistol, Deft, Deadeye)
  • Proper Joe (Pistol, Quick, Lousy Shot, Greenhorn)
  • Bottleneck (Pistol)
  • Hipster (Pistol)
  • Scruffy (Pistol)
  • Two Pistol Pete (Pistol)
While I had the Heroes from the same manufacturer, who became the "Aces Wilds" gang.
  • Jake Wilds (Boss, Rifle, Gunslinger, Medic)
  • Buddy Wilds (Pistol, Deft, Lousy Shot)
  • Ezekiel (Pistol)
  • Dusty (Pistol)
  • Wayne (Pistol)
  • Miguel (Pistol) 

The two gangs set up on opposite sides of the small settlement of Stomptown.

The first turn saw both gangs advance, safely outside of pistol range. Even the elder Wilds brother couldn't draw a bead on anyone with his rifle.

Ezekiel was pinned done in the doorway of one of the buildings, but Wayne and Miguel came around in support, along with Jake and his rifle. A hail of fire cut down Proper Joe.

The drunkards weren't going to take that sitting down, however, and Wayne was shot and killed. Hipster and Bottleneck, however, caught a wound and pin marker, respectively.

It seemed that the combat in the center of the town was going in the Aces' favor, as Ezekiel turned the corner and shot Jughead dead besides the outhouse. Buddy was stuck, pinned down by Bottleneck's shots.

Scruffy and Pete were locked in a fight with Dusty. Miguel had survived of fire that saw Scruffy's pistol click on an empty chamber, but took a wound from Two Pistol Pete, who knew a good opportunity to gang up on a good-for-nothing do-gooder when he saw it.

Dusty's next action was to keel over, stone dead. I guess his wound was worse than he thought!

Suddenly, the tables turned against the Aces. Ezekiel was killed by a long range pistol shot from Hipster. Buddy, guessing at how thing things would turn out, turned tail and ran for the hills outside of town. Only Jake and Miguel were left, stuck in the center of town.

Scruffy and Two Pistol Pete came around from the side of the town, and suddenly Jake and Miguel found themselves in close-combat with the enemy. Miguel got away, only pinned, but Jake was killed.

The remaining members of the Empty Jugs closed in on Miguel, who desperately tried to crawl away as the dirt around him exploded with multiple impacts, as well as blood from rapidly gained wounds. Kevyn had quickly learned that close combat could easily go either way, and was particularly bloody - so he was happy to gun down the last hapless lawman.

Finally, the roar of gunfire stopped, and Miguel's perforated body laid slumped on the ground, his blood watering one of Stomptown's wicked looking trees. The Aces were wiped out, and the Jugs went back to the saloon for another drink.

This was a fun game, and the activation mechanic with the cards worked exceptionally well. I may have to pick up some more miniatures from Knuckledusters to represent gunslingers with rifles and shotguns, however.

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