Friday, February 26, 2016

Painting Update - Frostgrave

I've finally gotten around to painting my warband for Frostgrave. I've been lucky so far, so my roster hasn't changed all that much, which means I've only had a few models to paint. 

All the models are Warhammer figures - if I ever want to expand, I'll probably buy the official stuff. There's no reason not to support a game I enjoy!

First up, we've got Fayrlock the Sigilist, and his apprentice Willem.

Next are the three "professional" soldiers in the warband; Karl (Infantryman), Deryk (Marksman), and Pavel (Knight).

There's the adventurers; Leocantro (Treasure Hunter), Brellyn (Ranger), and Fang (Warhound).

And finally, the lowlifes; Stabbes (Thug), Reg (Thief), and Choppes (Thug).

If you noticed that the warband numbers eleven instead of the usual ten, it's because Fayrlock had a Kennel installed in his base after one of the early games, which allows him to add a Warhound to the group above the normal limit.

I decided to stick with the blank, black bases as an aesthetic choice. Frostgrave's focus on the wizards and its use of d20 dice gives it a very D&D feel, and I wanted my miniatures to look something like the pre-painted miniatures that Wizards of the Coast produces for the RPG. In fact, the Warhound is a repainted Yeth Hound from the Pathfinder miniatures line.

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