Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Graveyard Shift - Strange Aeons AAR

Last week, I decided I needed a break from Kings of War, and instead played a few games of Strange Aeons with Carl and Kevyn using the 2nd Edition demo kit

Carl and I played the first game, and Carl and Kevyn played the second. The last game, between Kevyn and I, was probably the one where we had the strongest grasp on the rules, so I decided to take pictures then. 

Apologies for the unpainted terrain and miniatures. The recent weather hasn't been conducive to getting any priming/painting done. 

The table setup was the same for all three games. The Threshold agents and the Lurkers came on the short table edges and the objective was to fight until the last enemy was dead.

The Threshold agents consisted of: 
James Blackwood (Character) - Tommy Gun, .45 Pistol, Cleaver
Hazel Ashton (Agent) - Double-Barreled Shotgun, Knife
Howard Philip (Civilian) - .22 Pistol, Knife

And on the Lurker side:
Cult Leader - Doubled Barreled Shotgun, Cleaver
Cultist - .22 Pistol
Cultist - Knife

Having realized just how powerful the Fishman could be (he's a monster in close combat, and can cause humans to go insane just by standing next to them), James and Howard focused their fire on the shambling creature. The briny-smelling body quickly collapsed to the floor, riddled with bullet holes.

Things didn't go nearly as well for Hazel. She had tried moving up behind one of the smaller tombs to ready her shotgun for when the Lurkers got closer.

Suddenly, the knife-wielding Cultist appeared at her side and shanked her before she could let out a cry of alarm.

The fearless Agent Blackwood leaped over the tombstones and fired two bursts from his Tommy Gun on automatic at the pistol-armed Cultist and the Cult Leader.

The gunfire easily cut down the hapless cultist, but went right over the head of the diminutive Leader!

A malicious smile on his face, the Leader pulled one trigger on his Double-Barreled Shotgun, hitting James and putting him on his back.

And the second barrel left a red smear on the damp grass of the graveyard's grounds.

Too far away to realize that both of the Threshold agents assigned to this mission were dead, Howard took aim at the last Cultist, and put him down.

Emboldened by his own actions, H.P. decided to then charge the Cult Leader, thinking he could handled the dwarf.

But the civilian went down with a cleaver in his head. The Lurkers (what remained of them, anyway) survived to perform whatever dark ritual that brought them to the graveyard in the first place.

Were this a real campaign for Strange Aeons, now would be the point at which we'd figure out what injuries/rewards the Threshold agents would get (probably not much on the latter, and a whole lot of the former!).

Strange Aeons is definitely a bloody, fast game, with humans able to die very quickly, especially if they've gone insane and have either fallen to the ground or panicked and fled.

I'm hoping that we'll see more releases for the game in the future.


  1. Beautiful elements, they look superb!

    1. Thanks! They'll look even better when I finish painting them.