Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Local Trouble - Heroes of the Aturi Cluster AAR

There's been some interest in trying out the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign for X-Wing. Kevyn had the chance to try out the rules solo during the recent blizzard, and had some pretty positive things to say about it. So last week he set up the introductory scenario.

Rebel Command: "Welcome to the Outer Rim, pilots. Our convoy is currently en route to a hidden Rebel Base in the Parmel Sector, and you'll be on escort duty until we arrive.  

We've picked up a group of enemy signals in the nearby asteroid field; likely an Imperial patrol. Intercept these those ships, and keep them away from the convoy until we can execute a hyperspace jump to ensure our base remains hidden. 

Good luck!"

Raider Squadron
Raider One: X-Wing
Pilot: Kevyn
Callsign: Catalyst

Raider Two: Y-Wing
Pilot: Brian
Callsign: Brick

Raider One: "Heads up, Two; I've got three Eyeballs coming in fast."

Raider Two: "I seem 'em, One. Shields up and engines hot."

Raider One: "I'll take the two on the right."

Raider Two: "Leaves one for me. Hey, that one Eyeball's kinda funny looking..."

Raider Two: "One, I've got another guest at this party! And my shields are taking hits from these damn rocks!" 

Raider One: "Keep flying, Brick. I'll handle my Imp and get back over to you."

Raider Two: "Squint! Cat, you've got a Squint in your six!"

Raider One: "Damn! Command, we're going to need some backup here. We've got more Imperials than we can handle."

Raider One: "How're you doing, Two? I've got two Eyeballs wrapped up."

Raider Two: "I've gotten out of the fire. Going after the Squint."

Raider Two: "Who put all these rocks in the way?!"

Raider One: "Two, we've got another Tie coming in."

Raider Two: "I'm already up to my eyeballs in Eyeballs here, Cat!"

Raider Two: "In the clear!"

Raider One: "Careful, Brick. You've got a furball going on behind you. Don't get caught up in that."

Raider Two: "Good shooting, One! Scratch one Eyeball."

Raider One: "Two, you've got two Imps on you. Get out of there!"

Raider Two: "I can't! Too many rocks! I can't shak-AAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!"

Raider One: "Two? Two?!"

Rebel Command: "Brick's down, Catalyst. Reinforcements are on the way."

Raider One: "Just need to keep them off of me..."

Raider One: "Ha! One more Eyeball down!"

Sword One: "Raider, this is Sword. Get out of here - we'll take care of the rest of these Imperials."

Rebel Command: "Great work pilots! Our convoy is safe from harm. Now we can begun operation against the Empire in this star system. 

Raider One, we've homed in on Raider Two's emergency beacon. We'll pick him up and bring him back to base."

So, Kevyn managed to score 4 experience points over the course of the game, while I lost the Munitions Failsafe modification I had bought in the hopes of getting some torpedoes. Oh well - there's always next time!

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