Friday, December 25, 2015

The Assault on Castle Klankk - Christmas G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T., Part 3

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you're enjoying the holidays.

Let's see how the attack on Castle Klankk ended...

The Prussians revealed a unit of Minions armed with electro-pistols and a rocket launcher.

Of course, emerging from the castle placed these new troops directly in front of the machine guns of the Russian tank. The Minions were quickly mowed down.

But further horrors were revealed when purple monstrosities burst forth from the bodies of the dead minions.

And more Minions came out of the castle's depths, firing their electro-pistols at the Russian tank and zapping it into stillness.

Meanwhile, the Prussian commanders threw some of the mechanical soldiers at the polar bear, hoping their metallic components would be more resilient than the tattered remnants of the flesh-and-blood infantry.

While victory seemed to be within grasp, infighting began between the allied nations, possibly fueled by old grudges from the previous year's battle. The Russians fired upon the French, knocking over and disabling one of their light tanks.

In retaliation, the British Ironclad fired on the stalled Russian tank, blowing it up and killing one of the two Russian commanders.

And the French had fired upon a unit of Penguins from the North Pole, possibly hoping to prevent them from gaining access to the castle to search for Santa.

While the Russians had lost their tank and commander from the British, they were still going strong, and had opened the castle by destroying one of the walls.

The British also continued to advance. The Ironclad fired again, knocking down and destroying von Klankk's suit of armor. Though the Prussian commander did manage to scramble out of the suit, escaping death once again.

The French, harried by Russian fire, still had a few remaining Prussian units to worry about.

And the Workshop forces continued to blast away at the last of the Prussians outside the castle's main gates.

As the game ended, the British and Mrs. Claus' troops met at the castle's front gates.

And the French and Russian eyed each other warily as they entered through the devastated rear of the castle.

In the end, it was Mrs. Claus who found Santa, and the two thanked the British and the Russians (the French were put on the Naughty List, right next to the Prussians).

But Baron von Klankk escaped, and the Russians still controlled the North Pole after the previous year's battle. It may be that this war for Christmas isn't over yet.


  1. That's fantastic. I showed the missus and even though she loves Minions, this wasn't enough to encourage her to play wargames. :( She did love the penguins though.

    1. Thanks for reading! If you look back over the previous posts, you may be able to spot the crews for the tower cannons are all Minions as well, in military uniforms!