Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Assault on Castle Klankk - Christmas G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T., Part 2

And so we began the attack on Castle Klankk.

Of course, it wasn't all candy canes and sugar plums outside the castle. Abominable Snowmen lurked in the woods of Northern Prussia, and provided a challenge for anyone hoping to use the woods as cover.

The British decided against going into the woods, only to lose an infantry unit from Wilhelm's opening shots.

At the end of the first turn, the attacking forces had mostly moved forward. The Russians were hemmed in by a river, and their steam carriages were hemmed in by the woods.

The British, on the other hand, had not only lost a unit of infantry, but most of their vehicles either refused to start, or would begin to move and immediately grind to a halt. So much for Anglo-Saxon engineering!

The French, however, were on the move, with their heavy walker tank crushing its way through the woods (and the Snowman that tried to stop it). A few of the steamjet infantry even managed to land without killing themselves.

The North Pole's toy soldiers began to move forward, with the elves and a unit of penguins facing off against the Prussian armored cavalry.

The Prussians defenses were quickly compromised, however, when the armored polar bear smashed through one of the outer doors.

A round of firing from the toy soldiers and their accompanying cannon took out many of the Prussian cavalrymen. The remaining soldiers came to a sudden halt when the elves quickly assembled toy mines.

A round of shooting from the British Ironclad slammed into the Wilhelm, toppling the walker and then destroying it.

The Russians and British were advancing together on a wide front, and after two turns of the game, little Prussian resistance remained.

The forces of the North pole were steadily advancing, with only a few Prussian soldiers taking cover behind a stone wall. Baron von Klankk came out himself, in his suit of steam-powered armor, to direct the defenses against Mrs. Claus. And the bear in the castle continued to tie up precious Prussian units.

The French also continued their advance, with their light tanks fighting with Prussian units in close combat.

But the Prussians still had a few tricks hidden in the depths of Castle Klankk...

The battles concludes on Christmas Day!

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