Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Painting Update - Kings of War, Guild Ball

Although I did play another demo game of Guild Ball this past weekend, I didn't get the chance to take any pictures, so here's a hobby update for this week. 

I'm stilling working away on my Kings of Men army. I managed to get a Cannon and a troop of Mounted Scouts (with pistols) finished.

Next up is the three troops of Arquebusiers. Two of those were already based, which meant I had to forcibly remove them from their base with clippers, with a few losing either a part of or the entirety of their feet in the process. This is especially frustrating because I have some forty-five other infantry models that are already based like this, and will have to be de-based as well.

If you've got any advice for me, leave a comment! From what I've learned, apparently leaving them in the freezer overnight may help make the glue more brittle, and so it might snap off easier. It's worth a try. Hopefully.

And speaking of Kings of War, with the arrival of a second Empire Battalion, five more outriders and thirty State troops (that'll be assembled as Halberdiers into two regiments of Pole-Arms), I've finally got everything I need to reach a 2000-point list! I'm aiming to have the whole army done by the new year.

I decided to go with the Masons for Guild Ball - I liked the look of the team along with their overall playstyle (which favors a balanced approached to the game with lots of synergy). Above is the ball included in the starter box, a goal post made from one of the role markers that came with the first edition of the Game of Thrones LCG (that I sold the cards and tokens for, but apparently not the markers), and Marbles, the Mason's team mascot.

As for actual players, I finished Brick and Harmony. Brick is currently the only in-faction "Big Guy" (i.e., model on a 40mm base) who seems to be more defensively orientated. Harmony, on the other hand, is much more offensive based, and is best paired with her sister, Honor, who is the Mason's Captain.

Apart from these finished models, I've got Honor and Mallet to paint, along with Flint, Tower, and Chisel (all of whom I should be picking up this weekend). That'll give me the full sweep of the currently available Masons to work with.

Not shown are the Strange Aeons miniatures who are getting their bases down. I'll work on them when I get tired of painting the KoW miniatures.

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