Friday, November 20, 2015

Painting Update - Guild Ball

My Guild Ball project continues!

I finished Mallet (a fantastic Defensive Midfielder with a 3" attack range during his activation, in a game that normally has 1" or 2" attack ranges) and Honor, the team Captain, who exemplifies the team's ability to play either the scoring or the bashing game without really exceeding in either. She's a great scrapper who becomes very dangerous with the right support, and a decent ball handler who gets better with buffs from her teammates, like Mallet's [+1/+1"] KICK aura. 

Another two members of the Masons team are Flint and Mallet. Flint is the team's striker, and is apparently one of the best (if not the) best striker in the game. With the right buffs, Flint can score from 22" away - a very dangerous ability when the pitched is only 36" in length and width. With the right timing, Honor's Superior Strategy can let Flint go again and potentially score twice in a single turn! I'm interested to get him on the field, as so far Harmony has been my ball handler. She can do a fine job, but I'd like to see Flint take the field and try out his abilities. 

Tower, on the other hand, is definitely a defensive player. He'll work great with Mallet, as Tower gets bonuses when attacking models that have been knocked down. Additionally, he can suffer damage for other models using his Heroic Play (useful for players like Flint or Harmony that have low health, or players that are big targets, like Honor), and he can even force a single model to go last each turn!

So that's it for the original Masons. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to get Chisel, the first of the Masons' second season player. 

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