Monday, October 19, 2015

Painting Update - Wild West Exodus

Wild West Exodus is a game that I haven't talked about much on my blog. It's certainly an interesting premise - a skirmish game featuring a sci-fi Wild West (with some magical elements) with grav-bikes, robots, laser guns, zombies, and werebeasts. The rules are interesting, although the individuals factions could use some rebalancing, and unfortunately the company is suffering from distributor problems and Kickstarter-itis (i.e., big expansion from Kickstarters and a reliance on them to get out new products).

Since the interest in the game has passed on at the local store, I'm looking to sell my small collection of Warrior Nation models. I thought I should at least post some images up on my blog, as I did manage to get all of them painted. 

This is Sitting Bull, one of the Bosses (leaders) for the Warrior Nation. In the WWX world, all the Native American tribes in the west came together to form one large nation to combat the Union and Dr. Carpathian (one of the most prominent villains). The Native Americans are able to find their spirit animals and transform into a hybrid with them. Sitting Bull's is obviously a wolf.

Another Boss - Chief Irontooth, a cougar hybrid.

Stone Fist and Running Foot, one of the Underbosses for Warrior Nation. Because nothing says "Don't mess with us" then strapping a pair of cannons to your mystical energy infused horse.

And another Underboss, Sky Spirit. I'm guessing he's some kind of eagle hybrid.

Sidekicks are a step below Underbosses, but are still powerful named models. Walks Looking is the daughter of Sitting Bull, and ostracized from the rest of the Nation for not being able to transform. She becomes a Boss in another faction, the Dark Nation (essentially, an Evil Warrior Nation).

Light Support units bring a lot of firepower in WWX - only being outclassed by Heavy Support, which can cause some balance problems - and these Energy Beasts are considered some of the best in the game. They're fast, can move once for free per activation, and their shots are both powerful and can pass through terrain. They're no slouches in close combat, either.

Light Support can also come in the form of infantry models wielding heavy weapons. For the Warrior Nation, that means Gatling guns and crossbows. Other factions have infantry equipped with rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and shotguns. 

The lowest tier of power in the game are Hired Hands, but enough of them can still drag down more powerful models, and you'll want a few if only to avoid being out-activated by your opponent. These Close Combat Braves might only wield pistols, knives, and tomahawks, but they can still take a chunk out of a bigger model with some decent dice rolls.

And if you have Close Combat Braves, you obviously need Long Range Braves. Although I think the usefulness of the guy with the spear is debatable, especially when compared to the rest of the Braves who at least managed to arm themselves with bows and rifles.

So, hopefully passing these miniatures along to someone else will mean I can invest some cash into another game that seems to be building steam in the local scene - Guild Ball!

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