Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Painting Update - Dark Ages Terrain, Kings of War

With no games played over the past weekend, I thought I'd show what little hobbying I got done in the meantime. With both a full-time job and graduate school demanding most of my time, I'm finding it difficult to squeeze in moments in which I can paint and build. But I'm getting things done, if slowly. 

I've finished up a unit of Knights and a Standard Bearer for my Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army. I'm using Games Workshop's range of Empire for them, since they offer a decent range and a local shop was having a sale. 

I'm looking to get a unit done a week, which should mean I'll have 1500 points by the new year. The last 500 points will probably come from the Undead or Dwarves in the new starter box, which'll also be a convenient way to get a copy of the rulebook. 

In painting the Knights, however, I did figure out that my usual process of painting multi-based miniatures (which was mostly made up of Flames of War stuff) isn't going to work. Normally I just get everything on the base, slap on some drydex for the basing material, and paint. That isn't going to work with these 28mm models, especially with the infantry. So now I'm in the process of removing the miniatures from the bases as I paint them, then replacing them after I've also completed the base. Hopefully I'll have some examples to show soon. 

I've also removed the Free Company models from the project, and put them on Renedra bases which match the rest of my Frostgrave models. Those miniatures are wasted in a big-battle game, and they provided me with enough models to make up a second Frostgrave warband (sans spellcasters) for demos, or general usage. This means, however, I'll have to replace them with other GW models. 

I also wanted to show the 4Grounds buildings that I used in the last SAGA battle report. These are a combination of the Anglo-Danish and High Medieval kits, which work really well together. It only took me a couple days to finish building them. The toughest part was probably the thatch roofs, which needed a couple coats of a 50/50 mix of water and glue to get the teddy bear fur to stay down.

The interiors are really well decorated, if a bit sparse - although those bits will just get in the way of your minis as they fight.

Although I probably should have been a little more careful while I was building these. Some strange runes have appeared on the floor of one of the buildings!

So, that's it for this week. I do know that Bob Fanelli's hosting another Halloween game, and if it's anything like last year's, then it's going to be tons of fun!


  1. Great stuff. Nice Knights. cheers

  2. I guess it would interest you to hear that Mantic's coming out with a large expansion of their KoW armies, including lizardmen, more undead, rats, Beastmen, some evil god followers [chaos?] and more. It's called Uncharted Empires. In any event, we should get together and throw down on some KoW in the future.

    1. The expansion stuff looks interesting, although that's more to cover the WHFB armies that Mantic doesn't support directly. If I get into a second KoW army, it'll probably be Goblins or Undead.

      I think the group is hoping to get some KoW either in December or at the start of the new year.