Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Frostgrave AAR

After some missed days trying to get together, the group gathered for some games of Frostgrave. It was a busy day at the store, with a Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League beginning, and some D&D: Attack Wing getting played as well. 

As Carl had forgotten his lists, the first game was between Bob, Gary and me. We played the Well of Dreams and Sorrows scenario, where any Wizard who managed to get to the water in the middle of the table and drink from it received 100 exp (essentially a free level). Treasure tokens went down as normal. We deployed in corners on a 4'x3' table. 

Bob's Soothsayer make a quick Teleport to the pool, before eating an Elemental Bolt from Gary's Elementalist and was taken off the table. Bob's apprentice stepped up, however, throwing out Mind Controls left and right. 

I was essentially fighting a two-front battle, with Gary's warband to my left and Bob's to my right. Fair's fair - I had the highest level Wizard and a warband that had seen a few games. 

The game ended with Gary securing three treasures, and Bob and I grabbing two each. Bob decided to start his warband over (he wanted to try some different spells), so Gary and I went through the after-game mechanics detailed over at the Bad Karma blog. 

For the second game, Carl had brought out his own Elementalist, and supplied plenty of terrain from his time playing Mordheim. We supplemented this with a couple pieces of terrain from the store, and then spaced the buildings out a little more to fit the table.

This time we played a straight-up game, with each of us placing three treasure tokens on the table. As before, we deployed in corners.

As we've come to see with our multiplayer games, the game basically broke down into two fights, between Carl and Gary on one side, and Bob and I on the other, with some limited interactions. Carl's gang gave Gary's Warband a trouncing, while Bob managed to sidle up, grab some treasure, and then make it off the table (forcing my own Treasure Hunter to look elsewhere).

Carl made off with three treasure tokens, while Bob, Gary and I had two each.

Bob decided against continuing with the campaign (since he wanted to get in on the Journeyman League), although Gary and Carl expressed their interest in playing more games. However, Gary's also interested in participating in the League, so it may look like Carl and I will be  delving into some Lovecraftian horrors next weekend.


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    1. Thanks Phil - it was especially cool to get some buildings on the table.