Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick and Nasty - Empire of the Dead AAR

The 7th Dimension gaming group met again for our Empire of the Dead campaign a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take any pictures, so this'll be a quick report on the two games that I played using the Darkshire Pack.

Both games were played on a table set up by Gary, who had made a great looking manor grounds.

The first game was against Gary's Nosferatu, and used the Lost Artefact scenario. Gary and I both placed two artifact markers on the table and deployed our gangs in opposite corners - Gary's gang started in some ruins, and my gang was forced into starting in a forest, potentially slowing them down.

I believe this was the fastest game I have every played, taking up all of five minutes from the actual start. When a model reaches an artifact marker, a d10 is rolled, and the artifact is revealed on a roll of 9 or 10. My Beastlord reached one of the markers first, and I rolled a 10 - someone had carelessly discarded a Lightning Field Generator!

Gary decided to concede the game as he realized that even with his 12" moving Bat Swarms, he'd never be able to catch the Beastlord before he moved off the table. It did deprive me of five extra shillings, but I made up for it by selling the Generator - it wasn't as though any of the other members of the gang could use it.

I used to winnings to give my Packmaster a stat boost (but in Arcane, so not exactly useful...) and picked up another Wolf, bringing my gang up to eight models.

My second game was against Bob and his gun-toting Gentleman's Club. We rolled up Fracas, with corner deployments.

I split my force into two, with the humans moving through the manor courtyard and the werewolves and wolves moving around the right side, through the hedgerows. Bob's gunslingers moved up in a line, blazing away as soon as the pack moved into view (we were playing at night, so the range for line of sight is decreased to 18"). One of my Wolfskins went down three times, managing to get up twice before finally collapsing and being removed from the table. One of my wolves suffered the same fate, with bullets putting it down.

Much like the other games against the Gentlemen's Club, however, the Club's firepower couldn't stop the Lycaon from getting into close combat, and from then on the game swings decidedly in the werewolves' favor - although another wolf did go down thanks to a well placed sword strike. Between the axe wielding Wolfskins and the teeth and claws of their more lupine companions, many of the gunmen went down before Bob's gang was forced to retreat, with another victory for the Darkshire Pack.

While this victory put my gang at a massive standing of 308 shillings - more than twice the starting amount - my lucky streak when it came to after game results finally ended. One of the wolves was enlisted (don't ask me how) while the other was injured and had its Fortitude lowered by one. Josiah, the Wolfskin who went down multiple times, suffered a leg injury, reducing his movement by one. Luckily my winnings from the two games will allow me to get a doctor for the two after the next game, but I don't expect a fragile wolf and a slow close combat gang member to pull their weight in the next game. Hopefully the next scenario the Pack faces will be another objective based game, instead of a bloody free-for-all.

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