Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting Update - Blood Bowl

For a long time, I've liked the idea of Blood Bowl. I still regret not spending the $100 I could have back in high school to buy the 3rd Edition Starter Set from a local comic shop years ago. I enjoy playing the (somewhat disfunctional) Cyanide computer game, but I've never gotten to play the tabletop version.

However, I've managed to gain some interest in the game and have the makings of a local league - the Stomping Grounds Blood Bowl League.

To actually play in the League, however, I needed a team. Looking around, I managed to get a really great deal on a couple of the plastic orc starter teams from the 3rd Edition starter - somewhat fulfilling earlier dreams - and put them together to fill out a decent Orc roster. 

Black Orc Blockers are one of the biggest draws of the Orc team. While they don't start with any skills, they have ST 4 and AV 9. They're probably not going to be picking up and carrying the ball all that often with AG 2 and MA 4, but they'll be perfect for hitting other players pretty hard. 

Orc Blitzers start with the Block skill, making them essential to any Orc team. With MA 6, they can quickly cover ground on the pitch and try to either break open an opposing team's formation or trying to take down a ball carrier. 

Orc Linemen (Lineorcs?) don't stand out in any way compared to the other members of the team, but they do have AV 9, making them difficult to seriously injure. 

Finally, Orc Throwers - sort of strange on a team that's more likely to pick up a ball after smashing the guy holding it. But Throwers can handle the ball better than anyone else on the team, since they start with Sure Hands. And if you ever need to clear the ball out of a bad situation, they have the Pass skill. It doesn't mean that the orc receiving the ball will catch it, but at least you can move the ball away if your Thrower gets himself into a bad spot. 

That's the team - 18 players, with a few more Lineorcs in the wings in case they're ever needed. 

I'm now looking at putting together another team, perhaps an Undead team using the Reaper Bones line. The Undead Burg Boneheads might be a pretty cheap team to put together.

And I'll let you guys try to guess what team I've based the colors on!

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