Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Painting Update - All Quiet on the Martian Front

I'm still plugging away at my backlist of unpainted miniatures. Looking over my shoulder, I can see the 15mm WWII Germans, a couple Blood Bowl teams, and now a slowly growing Warhammer Empire collection for use in Kings of War.

This time it's the humans from the All Quiet starter set. This small force gives new players a taste of what they can expect from the humans in the game - swarms of squishy tanks and infantry that can really mess up a tripod if the Martian commander isn't careful. I've been painting these guys over the past couple weeks, and will hopefully be finished in time for an upcoming All Quiet game this weekend.

Since this is a game of science fiction, not history, I wanted something different from the average greens and browns everyone uses. I wanted something that'll stand out when I bring these guys to use in community games. So here's the 3rd Regiment, New Jersey Martian Invasion Response Unit, aka the "Jersey Blues," who first saw combat when they helped the US Navy defeat a Martian Canister when it crash-landed on the shores of Wildwood.

The Rough Rider unit demonstrates the uniform I'm using for the infantry - blue jackets and helmets, khaki backpacks, straps, and gas masks, olive drab pants and brown boots. While I don't have any pictures of the in-process miniatures, the infantry and machine guns also have olive drab blankets, along with larger backpacks. The coloration works well, as the blue stands out just enough, but doesn't look strange alongside the less vibrant colors. 

Of course, the Mk II tanks catch the eye with their deep blue paint, helped out with a good helping of black wash. I also splashed some Vallejo Tan Earth on the tracks and underside of the tanks, to give them a dirtier look. Using sand for coal also worked perfectly - the effect makes it seem as though these tanks are topped off and ready for a fight!

If I'm lucky, I'll have the infantry and the Mk III's done by the end of the week, and then I'll begin work on the Martians.

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