Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Painting Update - ACW

Back in April of last year, I mentioned that I was starting to paint the 20mm-esque miniatures that came with my copy of the 150th Anniversary version of Battlecry. Well, that was a little bit of a lie. I had fully intended to start painting them, but I really just placed them back in the box and they were forgotten. I've taken so long in getting to them that the primer started to flake off, which is really messy. 

Oh yeah, that was back when I was doing the 15mm French-Indian War with This Very Ground. Man, don't I have some regrets there. 

Anyway, wanting to do something different than 15mm WWII or 28mm Dark Ages, I broke out my light and dark blues and got the Union generals, cavalry, and artillery done. 

With that done, I need to flock the bases and hit everything with a dullcote lacquer. Then it's on to the infantry, and then at some point I'll have to start and finish the Confederates. 

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