Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Demos, Demos, Demos! - SAGA AAR

Alex and I ran a few demo games of SAGA for a local wargames club. The bulk of the miniatures were provided by Alex (6 points warbands of Normans, Welsh, and Anglo-Danes, 2 each), with my Vikings thrown into the mix. I was given one of the Norman warbands, and faced off against my own Vikings (since they didn't come with a info-card like Alex's warbands did. A very clever idea, that). 

Normans (and a very, very fast Norman Warlord) and Welsh battle it out 
My own Warlord led a group of knights into an ill-advised charge
A slight miscalculation led to a bit of a do-over for the Normans and Welsh, but they were eager to get back into it! 
'M'lord? Where'd you go?'
Anglo-Danes weather a storm of Welsh javelins
What's left of my Normans. Notice the distinct lack of Knights. 
My warriors hold. For now. Did I mention that the Norman Battleboard only support cavalry and missile infantry?
Welsh and Anglo-Danes trade blow for blow
The opposite Norman Warlord feels a little isolated.
Just Levy = no Saga dice = Viking victory!
The Welsh celebrate their victory around the fallen body of the Norman Warlord.
Previous obligations forced me to leave once the games were over (and miss a game of Fireball Forward, unfortunately) but it seemed as though SAGA was well received by the group. With a 4 point Norman forced that Alex helped me to complete, I'm hoping to introduce the game to a larger audience. 


  1. I enjoy that game. Great demo by the looks.

    1. Thanks for the reply!

      From what I could tell (first impressions and all that), the group definitely fall on the 'simulation' side of the sim/game fence when it comes to historical wargaming. But they seemed to enjoy the game, especially since it used 'game-y' mechanics to get historical 'results'.

      Plus, SAGA has enough game to it that it seems like a good intro into historical wargaming. I'm especially interested in introducing it to the local gaming group since it's predominately Warmachine/Hordes.