Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Painting Update - Full Thrust

Last December I ordered a couple of intro fleets for Full Thrust from Ground Zero Games. I haven't gotten around to playing the game very often - a definite shame - but I've finally gotten around to painting the miniatures.

They aren't works of art, but my thinking behind them was more RTS focused then miniature wargaming. In most spaceship-based wargames, distances are going to be so large that anything in scale would be smaller than a grain of rice. So the miniatures are more representative of where the ships would be instead of the actual ships themselves. With that in mind I painted them to be visually recognizable - you'd know whose ships are whose with a glance, no matter how mixed in they are.

By the way, the descriptions for the Full Thrust factions come from Wikipedia, which cites the first Full Thrust: Fleet Book as a source.

"The "Federal Stats Europa" (aka "Federated States of Europe") was formed in 2101 after the split of the European Space Force. Their colonies fall under a democratic council core government. Their official language is French and their space navy is known as L'Astromarine des FSE. "

The intro fleet consists of:
Lemnos class Frigate x2
Thetis class Destroyer x2
Ardennes class Light Cruiser x2
Tourville class Heavy Cruiser x1
Duquesne class Battlecruiser x1

"The "Neu Swabian League" was formed in 2101 after the split of the European Space Force. Their official language is German and their navy is known as the Kriegsraumflotte. Their capital is located on the planet Neu Salzburg."

The intro fleet consists of:
Pola class Frigate x2
Lützow class Destroyer x2
Emden class Light Cruiser x2
Helgoland class Heavy Cruiser
Von Der Tann class Battlecruiser

I should mention that Jon Tuffey, the owner of GZG, included a Battleship and 2 additional Destroyers for each fleet in my order. Really excellent service all around from Jon. 

The stands are GZG's bog standard bases spruced up with magnetic adapters from Ninja Magic. I've really got to get some more - they're awesome!

I'm hoping to get some games in with Full Thrust in the future. 


  1. Fab looking fleets Brian!

    I tried the Ninja Magic adaptors but didn't get on with them. For my fleets I'm going to go with the Litko flight-peg toppers

  2. nice painted fleet! I like your NSL, the color scheme is pretty cool and fit well with the attitude.

    1. Thank you!

      They're currently back in the painting queue, as I've looked at the Litko toppers/bases and decided they look better and would probably fit better overall.