Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vikings vs. Anglo-Danes - SAGA AAR, Part 1

Wait! Don't go just yet!

Yes, I understand that seeing the same two factions play against each other time and time again might be a bit boring - remember that I have to play these games. I've got Normans coming as soon as possible, and I'll try to mix things up a little with another game (Full Thrust? FoW? Something else?).

Regardless, I finally got Curt to cut his teeth on a couple of games of SAGA. Curt, of course, took the Viking starter warband, and I had the Anglo-Danes.

We decided to play Clash of Warlords, as I find it the best 'vanilla' scenario without any special rules or terrain to get in the way.

Terrain was a forest in the middle of the table, and a marsh to the side (which was promptly ignored). I find that a problem is smaller games of SAGA - terrain placement can force a game to be played on only a single side of the table if a player doesn't have the ability to traverse Uneven Ground quickly. In our game, you'll notice that we only played on a single side of the field.

Viking deployment.

Anglo-Dane deployment.

The first couple turns of the game saw the two shieldwalls advancing towards each other until one of us could have to charge into combat. Knowing my advantage was in the Anglo-Danes ability to take a charge (and that the Vikings would want to be the ones charging), I advanced only a little further in my turn and used my SAGA dice to ready a few Battleboard abilities. 

And the plan worked, although I have to admit it was definitely aided by Curt's terrible luck with his dice. I managed to wiped out a unit of Hearthguard while losing a single Warrior, and I almost took out a unit of Warriors at the cost of one of my Hearthguard. I then cancelled the activation of the Berserkers with the Anglo-Dane's 'Intimidation' ability. 

The game ended a couple turns later. Curt's Berserkers chewed up my Warriors, and he pulled back his Warriors back so he could keep using the SAGA die they produced. In return I beat back his Warriors that were protecting his Warlord over by the forest. Curt decided to trust his Warlord's hardiness in combat and threw him against my Warriors, but Lady Luck proved herself to be on my side tonight and Curt's Warlord went down with half-a-dozen spears in his chest. 

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