Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Painting Update - WWII, Saga

I'm baaaaa-aaaaaaack!

Having returned from Ireland (still semi-jetlagged and a bit heavy-hearted) I immediately got into the swing of things. Sitting down at my painting table/desk, I blew the thin lair of dust off the models that had been sitting their and got down to business. 

First is what appears to be only a small amount of WWII British vehicles in 15mm scale for Flames of War. And you'd be right. There's the last 3 Cromwells I need for my Cromwell-equipped tank company, and the last of the plastic Shermans that came in the new Open Fire! set. Also assembled are the four M5 halftracks I'll need to field a platoon of motor infantry to help augment any tank force with infantry that can keep up.

But here's the important bit - these are the very last of the unpainted miniatures I have for my Brits that I intend to use. While it's not the end of my collection, it will mark a point at which, some 4+ years after I started playing miniature wargames, that I'll have a completely painted force. 

I've also been working on my Vikings for Saga. They're assembled and equipped with both weapons and shields (except for Erik the Cowardly, hiding in the back right, who refused to even hold a spear, let alone 'wield' it in any sort of way). As you can see, I tested my normal method of hiding miniatures integral bases with Drydex, and I'd call the result completely satisfactory. I'll begin working on these guys as an interim between my FoW British and Germans. 

For future posts, expect an overview of the books I have for both wargaming and pen-and-paper role playing, as well as a review of the newly released Boss Monster board game that I helped to kickstart last year. There should also be a AAR or two coming up, and maybe even a Pathfinder RPG post or two if my plans work out and a group can be brought together for a campaign. 

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