Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Painting Update - FIW

I finally managed to finish up the full units worth of militia-type infantry for TVG, which means that with a few Indians to sprinkle in on both sides I'll have a decent amount of painted minis to have a game with.

They certainly are more colorful than their British counterparts. 

Sorry about the lack of 'pose' pictures like in the other post. I'll try to get them when I'm back in the states.

Oh, hang on, did I mention that I was spending 6 weeks in Dublin? Huh. Yeah, well, that's happening, so I'm going to try and keep posting while I'm here. I've managed to find Gamers World, the only independent game store in the city (and oddly located no less than a black away from the only Games Workshop location as well), and I've managed to set up a demo game of Saga with one of the locals. Expect that next week.

Also, I've only just realized that 4Ground came out with a set of North American settler cabins in 15mm. Pretty convenient, and they're nice looking to boot! Looks like I won't need their Russian cabins as substitutes, then.

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