Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Painting Update - Napoleonics

Here's what I've been painting.

I've finally started on my French for Weissenfels, starting with test light and line infantry battalions. The above is the first battalion of the 10th Legere. 

Beginning a series of units always takes the longest time, as I need to double check my references and figure out how the miniatures have been sculpted. A few more units in and the process tends to speed up. 

As an example, it took a little work to figure out that these miniatures (from Viking Forge) have shako covers on with their chin straps folded up. 

The standard bearer doesn't come with a flagpole, so I've purchased some from Essex Miniatures. Not perfect, but fine from arm's length.

I also finished the light infantry brigade's complement of skirmishers.

The second test unit was a line battalion, this one being the first of the 14th Line. I have another 11 battalions to paint up like this!

Overall, I'd say I'm aiming for about 70%-80% historical accuracy. These won't be a perfect recreation of French troops, but I think they're a pretty good overall effort. 

And to round out the post, here's the first line brigade's skirmisher bases. 

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