Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Painting Update - Mythic Americas

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen scheduling mishaps, I wasn't able to get any games in over the long weekend, so I'm back with another painting update. 

Apparently Mythicos Studios is planning a Mythic Americas tournament at Historicon this year. I wasn't going to go, but I could see myself getting a single day admission ticket and heading over to Lancaster for this event (if attendance seems like it'll be high enough). 

Over the past year, Mythic Americas has seen the addition of the Inca and Maya factions, and I really wanted to put together a Maya warband. I started with the Ah Kin Priestess as a test model for skin tone and faction scheme (teal, purple, and orange). 

It also helps that the Priestess is accompanied by models from another Maya unit; Alux Swarms. Pronounced Aloosh, these tiny statues were inspired by Maya legends of mischievous spirits. They use "Insults & Trickery" as their in-game weapons, causing Pins instead of Wounds. 

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