Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Painting Update - Dieselpunk, Ancients, WW2 French

Let's take a break from the battle reports and take a look and what I've painted since the last update. 

I finished up the rest of the dieselpunk tanks. I went for a pea-dot camo pattern for these larger tanks. 

They're great looking tanks, inspired by Ghibli movies; rounded edges and bristling with guns. 

This larger tank got a simpler camo scheme, as who would really bother trying to hide a tank the size of a house? 

Speaking off, I also finished a set of 6mm houses. These were 3d printed and intended for ACW gaming, but they should work for any small scale wargaming that needs generic houses for built-up areas. 

I also finished my Pontic force for Strength & Honour. 

The Pontic army lists has some of the same infantry types as the Romans (Skirmishers and Imitation Legions), but they're one of the few factions in the rulebook that still use the Pike Phalanx (the others being Eastern Client Kingdoms and Armenians). I had an interesting time creating the pike effect, by combining drybushing on the resin unit base and painted brush bristles to imitate lowered pikes. 

Unlike the Romans, the Pontic army makes much more use of cavalry, like the above Cataphracts. 

They also have options for Light Horse and generic Cavalry.

And they can even take Scythed Chariots!

With all of my 2mm Ancient painted, I decided to move on to a new project - 28mm WW2 French. 

Usable for a variety of rules (most likely Bolt Action and Chain of Command), this platoon and accompanying support units will be an excellent opponent to the Germans I painted for the Polish campaign that the SJGA ran last year. 

Ultimately, I'd really like to be able to use these to play out the "Taking the Gembloux Gap" campaign from TooFatLardies. I would need to add some more armor to both sides, but the infantry should cover most options needed. 

The French have an interesting platoon organization; 12-strong squads, each equipped with a light-machine gun and a rifle-grenade launcher which can be seperated out as a separate squad (at least, in Chain of Command). 

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