Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Cry Orcs a River - Warlords of Erehwon AAR

Sam, Brandon, and I joined John for a hosted lunch (fantastic burgers, thanks John!) and other great food (like Christine's Creme de Menthe dessert).

Our hunger satisficed, we were then joined by Dick, a newcomer to the club and wargaming who wanted to check out the hobby.

We fought the Second Battle of the Erewhemos, with the forces of Chaos once again descending upon the lands of Order. Brandon and I combined his Barbarians and my Orcs to face off against Sam's Olympians and John's Elves (with Dick commanding John's allied Dryads). 

It was the same scenario as last time - six turns to do as much damage as possible. This time we had had increased the amount of points from 1,200 to 1,500! This let each army field more and powerful units (as Brandon and I would soon lament!). 

Much like last time, the main battle centered on the left side of the battlefield, around the mountain. You can see three of the four Monsters gathered together - Brandon's Mammoth and riders, my Orc Champion on a Wyvern, and Sam's Dragon. 

I decided to send my cavalry through the woods to head off John's elves. Charybdis still lurked in the river waters, so most of the crossings were done over the fordable sections. 

Both sides were moving towards each other on the more open side of the table, with Wizards trading spells. 

You can see John's Monster, a Giant Eagle. I forgot that you don't need Line of Sight to charge in Erehwon, so didn't send my Boar Riders after it. John didn't forget, however, and sent it after my artillery, which was behind the skirmish screen of goblin archers. While the Giant Eagle easily beat one of the artillery units, the goblin archers turned it into a pincushion with their bows. 

While Sam was positioning his Dragon around the mountain, I had brought my Wyvern and its rider over to confront the Olympian Monstrosity. With the Wyvern and Mammoth, Brandon and I hoped the combined might would be able to handle the 500-point behemoth. 

That hope was quickly shattered when the Dragon blew flames at the Wyvern. With one shot, the flames did enough pins on the Monstrosity damage table that my Wyvern was instantly removed from the table, leaving just the Orc Champion. Since I had forgotten to bring a model, John was kind enough to provide a goblin riding a squig to stand in. 

With the Wyvern gone, the left flank was open for the Dragon to pick and choose its opponents. And once again, the Barbarian Chariot was quickly pinned off the table by Sam's shooting elements. 

After a disastrous charge of my Goblin Wolf Riders into Dick's Dryads, I rerouted the Boar Riders over to the other side of the table, going after the open ground and the Olympians. The Elves followed the river. 

Unfortunately, Brandon's Mammoth took enough hits from Sam's units to break and rout off the table. With our Monstrosities gone, Sam's Dragon seemed to be relatively untouchable by this point. 

While we had only reached turn 4, we had run out of time and decided to call the game there. The Forces of Order had a definite lead in captured Order Dice. 

Much like the previous game on this layout, the forest blocked much of the fighting and the river restricted where units could cross. However, Sam's Dragon had the movement, ranged attacks, and toughness to handle most units on our side and made the difference. Maybe if Brandon and I had the chance to mass our archers against the dragon we could put more pins on it and reduce its effectiveness, but we ended the game before that could play out. 

So we'll learn from our mistakes and see what will come of it. 

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