Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Painting Update - WWII

 I finally finished a major project!

With the end in sight of the 1939 German Platoon, I pushed on ahead to complete the last few minis. 

These will represent the Hauptmann commanding the various platoon, my infantry platoon's Oberleutnant, and two attending infantrymen.

The invading Germans will also have a medic, a spotter (for mortars, artillery, planes, etc.), and an anti-tank rifle team. 

To round out the support options, I also included a light mortar team and a sniper team. 

And that's that! At least as far as I've planned. I may add another vehicle or two, maybe a Panzer II and IV, or a halftrack to tow a gun. Now we just need to wait for the Poles to coalesce and we can start gaming. 

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