Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Painting Update - Battletech

With the pandemic still ongoing, my old gaming schedule just hasn't been anywhere near what it was last year. So I continue to knock items out of my painting queue. 

I finished another lance to combat the Death Commandos in BattleTech's Alpha Strike rules. For these I used the 8th Crucis Lancers color scheme, who are part of the Federated Suns of House Davion. The smaller mechs in this lance are a medium-class Centurion (the updated omnimech version) and a light-class Crimson Hawk

The lance's muscle come from a heavy-class Mad Cat Mk IV (also known as a Savage Wolf) and a Templar III.

Also finished are a lance of Manticores, a 60-ton tank designed to take on mechs. This is the start of a vehicle company that will reinforce my mercenary mech company. 

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