Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Painting Update - FIW, Warhammer Fantasy

It sounds like, in the area in which I live, some lockdown restrictions are going to be eased to allow non-essential stores to allow customers to come back into the building. This means access to the local game store, if they decided to open. This should also hopefully mean more gaming! I'll have to find a comfortable mask to wear. 

However, in the absence of games, I've continued working on various projects. 

AW Miniatures recently had a sale on their site, so I bought a couple packs of French and British Regulars to round out the units I have. I finished the French first, since I've got the foam to store them in. I'll get around to the British when their foam trays arrive.

Also finished were a unit of Goblin Wolf Riders and two Goblin wizards to support my Classichammer Orcs & Goblins army. I'm so close to finishing it! There's three units - Boar Riders,  Black Orcs, and Trolls - and a few characters to paint and I can call that project complete. 

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