Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Painting Update - AWI, FIW Rebasing, and SJGA dice!

While I've been playing games, I haven't had to chance to really record anything for the blog.  So for this week, it's a quick painting update!

Work on the 15mm American War of Independence project continues. Both of the "army" deals I purchased from Stone Mountain Miniatures came with two artillery pieces and their crew.

For the British artillery, I used the standard mid-to-late 18th century uniform - blue coats with red facings - and grey gun carriages.

While I could have done the same with the Americans, I instead decided to use the uniform of Henry Knox and his artillerymen that Rick Atkinson mentions in his book, "The British Are Coming: The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777" - black coats with red facings - and I used a darker red for the gun carriages.

I've also been re-basing my French and Indian War miniatures. The new edition of Muskets & Tomahawks will be coming out in a couple months, which motivated me to get this collection back out. I wasn't satisfied with the original basing (mono-colored flock on square bases), so I've been re-basing them to round bases with better flocking, grass tufts, and small stones. I've also been touching up the miniatures themselves, fixing tabletop damage.

In my efforts to help drive more attention to the South Jersey Gamers Association, I decided to take a cue from other wargaming organizations and look to see if the club could get customized dice with our logo on them. And as it turns out, I could!

These dice are from Chessex and feature the club's logo in white on the "6" face. The dice themselves have a really nice red/black marble surface. Of the ten dice I ordered, only one has a noticeable error, with some of the white painted staining the logo side.

These will be presented to the club at this month's meeting (I won't be able to attend), where the members will decide whether to spend club funds to purchase more dice. The nice thing is that the more we order at one time, the cheaper they get, so hopefully we'll get a 200+ order to hand out at events along with our business cards.

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