Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Painting Update - Battletech

I've been dealing with a lack of playing or painting recently so I wanted to do something that was fairly simple and would be quick to finish. I decided to paint up the battlemechs that came with the Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat starter set.

Since the eight mechs in the starter fit pretty easily into Alpha Strike lances, I decided to paint the mechs as a combined mercenary company - the 12th Vollone Dragoons.

The Shadow Hawk and Wolverine are decent Mediums with some maneuverability thanks to their jump-jets, and the Commando can punch above its weight-class with some careful placement. The Locust is a good old speedboat that cruises past enemy mechs, potentially spotting for long rang fire. Together they make up a Recon lance that can hold its own against enemies of equal tonnage, but be able to escape in the face of superior firepower.

The other mechs in the box make up a Heavy Battle Lance. The Catapult and Awesome are long range mechs capable of pounding the enemies with waves of missiles or staggered PPC fire, respectively. The Thunderbolt and Battlemaster are brawlers whose firepower increases the closer they get.

They're a good start to a mercenary company, and I'll be adding on to them with another lance pack from the Clan Invasion kickstarter releases in the future. They'll be up against whichever Clan I decide to paint the other mechs as, likely Smoke Jaguar or Jade Falcon. In the meantime these Battlemechs will hopefully be hitting the table either in games of Classic Battletech or Alpha Strike.

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