Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sushi for Two - Carnevale AAR

While up in Pennsylvania, earlier this month, Carl and I met up for some gaming. After playing Muskets & Tomahawks, we then set up a table for Carnevale. 

Having seen my previous blog posts about Carnevale, Carl was curious and wanted to try the game himself. So I used the forces from the "War" scenario from the introductory booklet included in the two player set and we had another simple bash-up in the streets of Venice under the strange lights of the Rent in the Sky. 

I let Carl use the Guild, since I was familiar with them, and I took the Rashaar.

Fisherman (Harpoon Gun)
Fisherman (Pole Spear)
4 Citizens

Magi-Rashaar (Wild Magic - Cantrip of Justice, Healing, Groundsnap, Sunder Armor)
2 Lesser Ugdru
3 Slaves

With almost twice as many Command Points as me, Carl won the initiative roll. He used his Gondolier and Harpoon Gun armed Fisherman as a mobile gunboat, rowing up and unloading on one of my Lesser Ugdru. The beast had to eat a Slave to heal its lost hit points. Meanwhile the Raadru and the other Ugdru swam through the canals to reach the Gondola.

While my Raadru was able to take out the Harpoon Gun Fisherman, it was then surrounded by members of the Guild. Between the damage that had already been done, the Capodecina, and the other Fisherman, the Raadru was skewered and left floating in the canal. The Ugdru's engaged where they could as the Magi-Rashaar slung spells left and right.

Meanwhile, a number of Guild Citizens climbed to the top of the nearby building, right behind the Magi-Rashaar and accompanying Slaves.

By the end of the third round, the fight wasn't going well for the Church of Dagon. They lost one of the Ugdru to the Capodecine (who hadn't even been hurt yet) and a Slave to the Citizens' surprise dive-bombs. While the other Ugdru had managed to drag the Gondolier of his boat, I decided to call the game at this point. The Magi-Rashaar was out of Will to cast spells, and the Capodecina was more than enough to handle anyone left on the table. So the Dagonites beat a retreat to their watery lairs, hopefully to venture out again when such formidable opponents weren't around (and maybe when they're painted!).

 I do regret not taking different spells, or maybe another Discipline altogether! Blood Rites may have helped me do some more damage at range with my Magi-Rashaar.

Carl had a great time with the rules and was able to pick them up fairly quickly. He even got the hang of using Will to boost dice pools when rolling for damage or protection (something Kevyn and I still forget to do). Carnevale still provides a good looking, and fun playing, game.


  1. Nice report and lovely town...

    1. Thanks! The board and buildings come from the starter set and some kickstarter rewards. They're fantastic.