Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Cold Wars 2019, Dogs of War vs. Dark Elves - Warmaster Revolution AAR

My last game was against Kal and his Dark Elves, who I had faced off against last year with my Ogre Kingdoms army. 

The last mission was Flanking Force. As the defender, I had to select four units and a hero to be a flanking force. Every turn, starting from the second, I would roll to see if the units and hero moved  onto the table from a predetermined short edge. Victory points would decide the winner (tallying the points cost of enemy units that were routed or damaged), and breaking the opposing army would provide a bonus.

My brigades steadily moved up, but were mostly waiting for the reaming units to arrive.

The Dark Elves advanced as well.

Luckily, it didn't take long for my flanking force to arrive!

However, I realized that I had chosen the wrong side to bring them on from, as Kal's most dangerous units - a brigade of dark riders - was all the way on the other side of the table.

I would need to deal with the pesky harpies in the Dark Elf army first, ast hey routed one of my crossbowmen in the fields.

My pike brigade was forced to wait as I made a personal blunder and completely forgot to order issues to my knights, leaving them on the side of the battlefield for another turn. However, my galloper guns were able to do some hefty damage to the oncoming witch elves.

I threw a unit of ogres deep into Kal's center, routing a unit of crossbowmen. In return, however, Kal's cavalry wiped out a two-unit brigade that was hoping to delay them.

In the center, a single stand of crossbowmen waited after being saved from the attacking harpies by a unit of dwarfs. The other unit of dwarfs had charged forward, also aiming to delay the oncoming elven spearmen.

And on the left, my knights finally got into the action, but only after the pikemen had done most of the work and taken horrendous casualties.

The knights congratulated themselves on a hob well done, as they ignored the grumblings of the lone remaining units of pikes.

The dwarfs were unfortunately rebuffed and pushed back, with the ogres and other dwarfs unable to help.

However, the game can to an end when the last mini-brigade of crossbowmen and marauders were charged, flanked, and wiped out, leaving victory to the Dark Elves.

This was a close game, and I may have been able to win if I had continued to refuse my right flank, and hadn't forgotten to bring my knights in sooner!

I had a great time, and really enjoyed all three games. We had more players in this tournament (eleven to last year's six) and we had plenty of convention attendees stopping to inspect our games and miniatures. Hopefully they'll attract more tournament players, as Dave plans to run another event at this years Fall In. I plan to be there!