Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Down in the Dirt - Fistful of Lead AAR

While there's been some interest in starting up a Dracula's America campaign, I took advantage of some terrain built for that game to play some Fistful of Lead. 

This was a pretty simple shoot 'em up between Bill and I - four gang members on either side, each armed with a pistol. 

Near the train stations, both sides advanced cautiously.

However, in the center of town, our gang members were running wild, their guns firing (and missing).

My one cowpoke attempted to stick his head out for a better shot. Not only did his gun jam, but his was pinned by Bill's return fire.

A Clint Eastwood look-alike used his sixshooter to gun down my moonshine-swilling pistolier.

Bill also attempted to shoot my pinned man, but his own gun jammed. A follow up into close combat then left Bill's gang member pinned!

Bill was having better luck across town, with both of my other gang members shot and killed.

Now it was just my one gang member left, his gun jammed and pinned by the bullets slamming into the dust.

Bill's man in black tried for another round in close combat, but a knife hidden in my cowboy's boot put the opposing gang member down for coffin measurements.

Bill was determined to kill my last gang member, but once again, the close combat went my way, and my dust covered gunslinger was victorious.

By then, Bill had determined that while my last man might have been decent in hand-to-hand, he was still pinned and out of ammo. His two remaining gang members simply stood back and emptied their guns, doing enough wounds to turn my last fighter into a grisly Swiss cheese.

Fistful of Lead continues to be a fun, quick game for fights in the Old West. I'm looking forward to the eventual release of the sci-fi version, which I hope to use for Necromunda.