Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tricks, Treats, and Terror, Part 2 - Empire of the Dead AAR

Last week I showed the creepy cast of characters made up of all sorts of ghastly ghouls and goblins that Gary populated his second Halloween Spooktacular with. This week we'll take a look at the carnage wreaked upon a poor, unsuspecting English town!

The Necromancer got into the game early, summoning his Zombie mob that turn a civilians in chewy giblets.

The Cirque du Noir and Field of Screams warily eyed each other, with the Cirque retreating in the face of the scarecrow's advance.

The vampires raced off into the streets, enthralling as many townspeople as possible.

Civilians and circus freaks scattered as the Field of Screams made its way into the outskirts of the town.

Death and its ghostly followers drifted out of the graveyard, terrorizing the townspeople and drawing the attention of the police.

The Mechanics kept an eye out for rogue Clickers, while keeping their distance from the police and vampires.

A poor bobbie is spooked to death by a group of banshees.

And an old lady suffered the same fate!

The werewolves and Cirque du Noir engaged in the woods. The werewolves performed predictably from experience, ripping the Cirque to shreds. Tattoo, the vampiric leader of the Cirque, was killed in the first round of combat.

Van Helsing and his vampire hunters finally confronted the bloodsuckers in a vicious melee, as a potential suspect for Jack the Ripper was arrested by the police.

The police were somewhat baffled by the unnatural abilities of Death and its spirits. The Mechanics decided discretion was a better choice, keeping a safe distance from the specters.

The Cirque put up a valiant fight, but with fangs, claws, and hot dice, the werewolves couldn't be beat.

With the Cirque out of the way, the scarecrows had little trouble in gathering civilians for their fertilizer.

And the necromancer had to deal with the smell of wet dog as one Packmaster from the werewolves crossed the river.

The game ended with Jack the Ripper winning with 80 Shillings (20 for each kill). The Field of Screams came second with 60 Shillings (10 for each captured civilians). My Vampires were third, with 55 Shillings (10 for each Enthralled civilian, and 5 for each death caused).

Once again, Gary put on a fantastic game. The miniatures and scenery made for an incredibly viewing experience. The only area for improvement might be in streamlining the rules. With so many players and factions, Empire of the Dead quickly bogs down. When gangs started interacting with each other, I was able to walk away for twenty minutes or more between my own turns.

That said, I'm looking forward to next years Spooktacular.


  1. Great AAR! Jack the Ripper actually won with 80 points (boooooo). I think 8 players is the maximum number of players this game can handle....I was maybe a bit too ambitious. We started to activate multiple factions at once to speed things up, but yes, the giant melees tend to bog things down. Later in the game I experimented with one melee with bonus for buddies instead of having everyone fight individually. This sped melee up a lot.