Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Painting Update - Test of Honour, ADLG

With no games played this past week or so, I've managed to get some painting done. 

My focus right now is completing two warbands for Test of Honour. The two forces are commanded by a pair of brothers - Jiro and Saburo - after the death of their older brother and warlord, Taro. Both wish to take the place of their brother, and suspect the other of having killed their elder sibling.

These ashigaru are loyal to Jiro. There's three groups of spearmen, one of archers, and one of muskets.

I've also painted a pair of unarmored samurai for Test of Honour. One is the special pre-order miniature that Warlord made for the game, and the other is Oda Nobunaga from North Star's "Giants in Miniature" line.

The last piece is a camp for my Free Company force in L'Art de la Guerre - the last piece needed to play the game, apart from terrain.

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