Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jungle Fever - Congo AAR

Thanks to the diverse interests of the group I game with, and their willingness to buy into and playing new games, there's always something new on the table. Carl and Gary have apparently gotten lost in the wilds of Africa with an interest in Congo, a game from Studio Tomahawk, the same studio that created Saga and Muskets & Tomahawks. They've been trying to set up a demo game for me. 

I arrived at the game after the first turn, which both sides had used to move forward. The scenario was a fight between two pygmy tribes, with each trying to capture the large "Tree of Life" in the middle of the table.

My tribesmen managed to reach the tree first, setting up a defensive line after slaughtering a number of enemy archers. Gary's tribe moved up, with his Witch Doctor attempting to call on the spirits of the jungle. Something went wrong, however, and a freak bolt of lightning from a clear sky turned the spellcaster into a pile of charred flesh.

A group of cannibals who were allied with the enemy pygmies, done snacking on the fried pygmy Witch Doctor, attempted to rip and tear into the archers protecting the tree. But a poor set of dice rolls meant that the archers were only chased off a short distance. My tribe retaliated with a volley of arrows and assegai, reducing the cannibals to a single man. Gary's pygmy king led a charge against my own king, decisively winning the combat.

Gary's king cut down my own and turned his men towards the tree. Arrows and assegai flew through the air, but couldn't manage to hit their targets.

The game ended with Gary's king and his accompanying warriors defeated, and the tree secured in the hands of my tribe. 

Congo has an interesting mix of card usage for activations and bonuses and various types of dice to represent a unit's skill with certain actions. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game handles the European and Arab groups, who can bring muskets and rifles to the table. 

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