Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Clash of Titans - Wrath of Kings AAR

Gary and I got together for some Wrath of Kings - my Shael Han against his Hadross.

We used the same terrain that Gary brought for the Retro Raygun demo. It's all aquarium decorations, which make for some decent and relatively cheap scenery. I need to look around for anything that may match my Shael Han.

We alternated deploying our forces:

My List (Shael Han, 10 Morale, No Confidence)
Dragon Legion Keeper (Commander)
Black Lotus
Big Sister
Dragon Legionnaire x8
Iron Lotus x4
Wrath x3
Shield of Taeflon
Hammer of Heaven
Fulung Devourer

Gary's List (Hadross, 9 Morale, Unstoppable Force)
Deepman Kaxes (Commander)
Gutter Friar x2
Deepman Guardians x6
Sevridan Gutter x6
Calith Reaver
Shell Cracker
Oresund Cavalier

Our two forces advanced towards each other during the first turn.

The fighting started on my left flank, as the Wrath and Lotus warriors clash with the Sevridans and Hadross specialists.

Combat between the two sides rapidly let to multiple casualties. However, the Hadross morale loss was huge, as Gary lost three points to my chosen motivation. Since I avoided touching his Leaders, he couldn't respond in kind.

While all of the Children and Lotus infantry were lost, along with the Hammer specialist, my two leaders managed to hang on. So the Black Lotus went on the offensive, killing a pair of Deepmen and causing Gary to lose another point of morale.

Gary tried getting rid of my Big Sister, but a set of poor dice rolls left her alive. The Black Lotus finished the game by killing another two Deepmen, removing the last point of Hadross morale. Shael Han won, with 7 morale remaining.

It seems that Shael Han is a challenge for Hadross. While they're easy to hit, none of the melee modifiers that Hadross possess (turning Armor and Blocks into Hits) matter to Shael Han. Hopefully that'll change as CMON come out with more units for the factions.


  1. Shael Han seems to be getting all the love in new releases lately. Hadross gets the Horrors this month.....more specialists we don't need. I want my crab warriors!


    1. Yeah, the Celestial set looks pretty awesome!