Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Painting Update - Horizon Wars

Hey, look at this! I managed to sit down and finish some more miniatures. 

I've been trying to get back into the painting grove, and the relative ease of painting 6mm skirmishing scifi minis for Horizon Wars has been fun. 

I've added more mechs to the Kressidian forces. Like the Gators and Caimans, these Heavy Gear mechs are used as Crocs, another mech fielded by the Army of the Reach (one of the factions in my Horizon Wars setting). Crocs are a step above standard Gators, easier to hit but with heavier armor.

With the Kressidians finished for now, I've moved on to working on their opponents, the United Mercantile Consortium. This is a collection of various PMCs and security forces hired by the UMC to retake Kressidia after a failed first attempt.

The above Light/Heavy Infantry and Special Forces belong to Yntrinsic Defence, a Mar-based PMC known for recruiting from the gangs that rule the lowest levels of the Martian megacities and for their distinctive red armor.


  1. Awesome. Looks like a great game with cool miniatures. cheers

    1. Thanks! Horizon Wars is a great set of rules, and the minis are from Brigade (tanks, infantry) and Heavy Gear Blitz (mechs).