Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Painting Update - Guild Ball, Blood Bowl

Even as the new year starts to get settled in, I've been working on getting some painting done. 

The two Orc players are conversions of regular players into Varag Ghoul-Chewer and Ugroth Bolgrot, two Star Players for the Orc team in Blood Bowl. This was just a side project, and something I wanted to do with the extra Blood Bowl miniatures I have.

The little lady with the big hammer is Chisel, the first of the Season Two models for the Masons in Guild Ball. She's an Offensive Midfielder, and primarily focused on doing damage to herself to hit harder when in combat with enemy players.

As for games played, I managed to get in a couple games of Kings of War, with my Kingdoms of Men against a Varangur force (which I lost) and another against a Ogre army (which I won). I also played another game of Guild Ball against an Alchemist team, which I won 12-2. I hope to get a few more games in before the upcoming tournament I'm playing in.

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