Friday, August 28, 2015

Mk IV Miniatures - Terrain Review

While I have gotten plenty of mileage out of the Paper Terrain buildings that I bought some time ago, but I've always wanted some nice, 3D buildings with actual interiors. I've looked around and realized the biggest choice was whether I wanted resin or MDF. While MDF has its advantages - it can be cheaper and easier to transport - it's also highly stylized, with the edges of its construction made fairly obvious.

I found Mk IV Miniatures and, after several positive reviews, I placed an order.

These buildings are part of the "Push for the Rhine" series, and both pristine and ruined versions are available. This means you can easily mix and match, and even duplicated buildings can be unique with a little paint.

The walls are from the same series, and also come in both ruined and pristine states. You get nine wall sections, and one includes a gate.

While the detail on the walls are fantastic, it seems most of them have a "fuzzy' texture on one side, which I'm guessing is a mistake made during the casting.

I'm going to be working on these slowly, as I don't get the chance to play WWII games much these days, but they could potentially be used in games of All Quiet.

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